Mobile Legends Bang Bang Online Cheat

Mobile Legend Gamers on mobile phones are greatly increasing that’s why  various Moba games are being released in the market right now. Yet here we are, with the most popular Moba game which is called Mobile Legends.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Hack is a MOBA based game for mobile device and just like the most games under this genre you can do same stuff here only the difference is you can play this game in  mobile device. If you are a PC gamer, most likely it will be so easy for you to play and rank up on this game for it is so basic. There are 3 games I am currently playing;Dota 2 ( Complicated), League of Legends ( Much easier) & Mobile Legends ( Easiest). What made this game so easy is because it’s so easy for you to kite,outplay someone and farming isn’t a big deal. And Lastly, It’s a mobile game guys you don’t have to press alot of  keys. LOL . For me It is the most interesting mobile game so far cos I also tried Vainglory before but I didn’t like it cos It’s only 3v3. I think that the more the merrier so I love it, a 5v5 game and more like the League of Legends game.

Here is what the game looks like:

16117266_602127556647899_862927370_nThe 5v5 matchmaking waiting time takes only seconds unlike in MOBA games in PC

16117303_602127549981233_1286254595_nYou can buy your items even if you are not in your base and the recommended items will appear only when you have enough money and it is located in the top right side.

16118712_602127536647901_172188751_nThe game has simple controls and very easy to master. You are in game using a virtual joystick on the left and skill buttons on the right that you can tap using two fingers. The map is located on the top corner in mobile phones simply because it will be a nuisance.


The scoreboard after the game. People always post the scoreboard cos they win so I’m gonna post mine cos I lost for a change 😛 . You can add and report someone after the game. There are only 3 reasons to be chosen: Deliberately Feeding , AFK or Cheating .

Here are some of the guides :

*Carry – Although all roles are important in this game but carry must be played by advanced players since this is the primary arsenal of the team. Everyone is focus on carry as the damage dealer in game.

*Tank – The initiator in team as well as front liner. Tank takes most damage in the team fight filling and supporting carries so they can perform their role – killing the opposing team as fast as possible. As a tank, this role filled with melee fighter with defensive abilities that can sustain massive damage and crowd control to protect carries.

* Support – The least favored and underrated role in most MOBA. You will see that most players wants to play as carry so they have the spotlight. Only few players (mostly advanced) understand how important this role. You are support and you need to ensure that your carry will stand longer in fight. Poor support comes with poor carries and that will makes your team lose the game.

*Jungler – Unlike in all roles that are in lane, jungler is the role needs to dominate the entire map. You must ensure a map control and a gank for disadvantage lane. This role can be a initiator, a filler or perform the primary objective in game in taking down towers and counter ganking. As a jungler you need to ensure that you have sustain and a good clear as you will easily get left behind over other role (except of support) in lane.


Tigreal, the Warrior of Dawn IconTigreal, the Warrior of Dawn
Minotaur, the Son of Minos IconMinotaur, the Son of Minos Guide
Lolita, the Steel Elf IconLolita, the Steel Elf Guide
Akai, the Panda Warrior IconAkai, the Panda Warrior Guide


Bane, the Lord of the Seven Seas  IconBane, the Lord of the Seven Seas
Balmond, the Berserker IconBalmond, the Berserker Guide
Alucard, Demon HunterAlucard, Demon Hunter Guide
Franco, the Frozen WarriorFranco, the Frozen Warrior Guide


Saber, the Spacetime Swordmaster Guide
Fanny, the Hovering Blade GuideFanny, the Hovering Blade Guide
Karina, the Shadow Blade GuideKarina, the Shadow Blade Guide
Natalia, the Bright Claw


Eudora, the Lightning SorceressEudora, the Lightning Sorceress
Nana, the Feline WizardNana, the Feline Wizard
Alice, the Queen of the ApocalAlice, the Queen of the Apocalypse
Gord, the Mystic MagicianGord, the Mystic Magician


Miya, the Moonlight ArcherMiya, the Moonlight Archer
Clint, the Wasteland DrifterClint, the Wasteland Drifter
Bruno, the ProtectorBruno, the Protector


Rafaela, the Wing of Holiness Rafaela, the Wing of Holiness

Counter per Hero :

Akai–  Clint, Bane, Karina, Yun Zhao (Crowd Control)

Alice – Gord, Karina, Kagura (Burst Damage)

Alucard – Any Marksman that can harass him before he gets to kill you

Alpha– Clint, Miya, Bruno ( Escape&Cc), Layla (Long range)

Balmond– Alpha, Yun Zhao, Bane or Marksman

Bane– Yun Zhao, Miya, Natalia, Karina, Freya

Bruno– Assassin or Fighter, outfarm him if you’re a Marksman

Chou– Clint( Marksman), Tigreal,Lolita (Tank)

Clint– Natalia

Eudora–  Bane, Clint, Miya, Nana

Fanny– outfarm& better items

Franco– Clint

Freya-Layla and Clint, Alucard and Alice

Gord– Natalia, Alucard, Chou and Freya , Miya

Hayabusa– Yun Zhao, Karina, Freya

Kagura– Natalia, Freya and Alucard

Karina– Kagura, Gord, Any Marksman

Layla– Clint and Miya, Natalia, Alucard and Chou

Lolita–  Clint, Fanny,  Miya, Nana, Gord

Minotaur– Gord, Miya, Clint, Bruno, Layla, Nana, Bane

Miya- Natalia,  Clint, Layla

Natalia–  Bane, Alucard and Alice

Nana–  Yun Zhao, Natalia or Hayabusa, Miya or Bruno

Rafaela– Freya, Alucard, Natalia, Hayabusa, Akai

Saber-Freya, Alucard, Alpha

Sun– Bane, Layla

Yun Zhao– Balmond, Freya and Akai, Natalia

I sometimes upload on my Youtube account some of my gameplay. You can click the Youtube logo below this website or the link below :

For More Game Hacks and Reviews 


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